Graphene & 2D Materials USA

Graphene & 2D Materials USA, a successor of the LIVE! series of conferences, held its sixth meeting last week in Santa Clara, CA. This event is the most commercially-focused conference and exhibition on graphene and other 2D materials. Graphene and 2D Materials is unique as it is co-located with other highly synergetic end user industries such as printed electronics, wearable technologies, electric vehicles, and 3D printing.

Graphenea CEO Jesus de la Fuente gave a lecture on the “The road to commercialization of graphene nanomaterials”, presenting the current market situation followed by market forecasts and comparisons. Jesus highlighted regulatory issues, safety regulations, quality assurance and vertical industries compliance as the main challenges toward commercialization of graphene materials.

Image: Jesus de la Fuente at Graphene USA 2015.

Jesus spoke at “Graphene Applications and Market Progress”, one of several topical sections which included graphene production, dispersion, and specific application related sections like “batteries and supercapacitors”.

The Graphene & 2D Materials meeting was held alongside end user industry meetings “3D Printing”, “Energy Harvesting & Storage”, “Internet of Things”, “Printed Electronics”, “Electric Vehicles”, “Wearable”, and “Sensors”.

“We are very satisfied with the event”, proclaimed Jesus de la Fuente. “We have been attending the IDTechEx Graphene Show in the US and Europe for several years. It is a very well organized event from the business perspective. At this event you have the opportunity to learn the state of the industry through presentations and the chance to meet relevant players in the industry at the booth floor. Always interesting to mix graphene with other industries like printed electronics, supercapacitors... many opportunities arises within this format.”

Graphenea exhibited a stand, showcasing our graphene product line, focused on large area CVD graphene films and graphene oxide, commonly used with other materials in composite applications.

Image: Full auditorium at Graphene & 2D Materials USA 2015.