Free webinar on graphene for healthcare

Next Wednesday, November 17th, our Dr. Elías Torres, Head of the Graphenea Foundry, will give a free webinar as part of the “Graphene for Healthcare and Medical Applications” virtual event by the Graphene Council.

The event will cover topics such as sensors, devices, diagnostics, membranes and more, and Elías will speak about our foundry as a platform for biotech and healthcare. The foundry can accommodate customer device needs, with process flows devoted to biosensing applications. Vertical integration ensures high-quality, reliable graphene devices for any target application.

Graphene is regarded as an excellent platform for biosensing, due to its large carrier mobilities, surface functionalization options, and large surface-to-volume ratios. Furthermore, graphene provides excellent mechanical strength, biocompatibility, thermal and electrical conductivity, compactness, and potentially low cost. A common interesting configuration for sensing devices is the graphene field-effect transistor (GFET).

GFET electrical properties are sensitive to even the smallest concentration of attached molecules. Using GFET, biosensors with extremely small detection limits (pg/mL) were produced for some analyte molecules. These devices can be reproducibly mass-made with established fabrication technologies, such as chemical vapor deposition, their cost is acceptable for academic researchers as well as businesses, and geometries and functionalization can be tailor-made for a desired application.

Register for the free webinar now and learn more about this exciting application of graphene!