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Cambridge Graphene Tech Days 2015

Marko Spasenovic

Cambridge Graphene Tech Days 2015 were a huge success, bringing together industry leaders and highlighting the University of Cambridge Graphene Center as a pivotal point for applied graphene research.

Graphenea Business Development Director Iñigo Charola gave a talk that emphasized the company's efforts to scale up graphene production. “Apart from scaling up the manufacturing process, we are constantly expanding our collaboration space, implementing our materials across a variety of industries”, says Charola. “Meetings such as this one are the engine behind the rapid growth of graphene applications that we've been seeing. Coupling these meetings to a major graphene hub like the one in Cambridge provides an additional spark of creativity, resulting in many new collaborations”.

Photo: Iñigo Charola with Dr. Foysol (Director of R&D Projects at Cambridge CMOS Sensors), at Graphenea's stand at Cambridge Graphene Tech Days 2015.

Graphenea also exhibited a stand at the meeting, held on November 5 & 6. The meeting started with a masterclass overview of the industry, including the value network and science and technology updates. After a busy networking first day, the second day brought talks from graphene industry leaders. Iñigo's talk was part of the session “How to make it?” (“Industrial applications of graphene related materials and 2D functional materials”). The other sessions were “Key market focus” (“Electronics & Displays and Energy Storage”) and “Growing with graphene” (“Innovation, Economics and Investibility”). The dynamic program was topped off with another networking closing event.

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