GFAB - Graphene Foundry Services

GFAB - Graphene Foundry Services

Graphenea offers custom manufacturing services for graphene-based devices. This enables fast device prototyping and accelerates the development towards your application or product.

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Processing Specifications

  • · Batch Size: from 40 cm2 to 1000's
  • · Mask: according to design rules, and can be printed by customer or Graphenea
  • · Graphene growth, transfer, processing and dicing under one roof
  • · Metallization: Cr/Au as standard. Optional wetting layers: Ni, Ti. Optional contact layers: Al, AuPd
  • · Encapsulation: polymeric, ALD Al2O3 or ALD Al2O3 +Si3N4
  • · Minimum feature size: 5 μm 
  • · Dicing 
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Quality control

All our samples are subjected to a rigorous QC in order to ensure a high quality products.
  • · Raman Spectroscopy inspection
  • · Optical Microscopy inspection 
  • · Electrical conductivity on test structures


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