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New Product: "Easy Transfer"

Iñigo Charola

Graphenea is launching “Easy Transfer”: the easiest way to transfer monolayer graphene onto your substrate. We applied our extensive experience in growing and transferring high quality graphene films to let you experiment with any novel substrate by using Graphenea’s Easy Transfer.

Advantages of using Easy Transfer:

  • Receive high quality graphene ready to deposit onto your substrate
  • Available in 1 x 1 cm and 1 x 1 inch sizes
  • Forget about IP issues. You receive monolayer graphene films ready to be deposited on your substrate
  • Shorten lead-time, you can avoid sending us your substrate and speed up your lab research work
  • Compatible with your process: easier integration for special substrates and allows fine tuning of your substrate
  • Graphenea offers you an affordable way to work on your substrate: 1 x 1 cm units at 80 USD and 1 x 1 inch units at 120 USD

Why “Easy Transfer” makes it possible:

  • Avoids metal etching
  • Avoids hazardous chemical handling
  • Manipulation of thin film done at Graphenea
  • Bottom layer removed


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