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Graphenea turns 10!

Marko Spasenovic

This April 9th, Graphenea is turning 10! The decade behind us was marked by success, as we stayed on track with the developing applications of graphene. We work together with our customers and collaborators to refine and upgrade our product portfolio to match the needs of the evolving market.

Our success was made possible by the commitment, passion and effort of all of our team members. We also extend our thanks to our customers, collaborators, investors, and all those who we crossed paths with, hoping for continued joint efforts to bring graphene products to the market!

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Featured Products

Monolayer Graphene on
Your Substrate

Graphene Oxide
(4 mg / ml, Water Dispersion 2500 mL)

Easy Transfer: Monolayer Graphene on Polymer Film
(1 cm x 1 cm)

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