Graphenea to join The Engine Network at MIT

Graphenea is pleased to join The Engine Network at MIT. The Engine’s goal is to bridge the gap between discovery and commercialization by empowering disruptive technologies with the long-term capital, knowledge, and specialized equipment and labs they need to thrive.

The Engine is a first-of-its-kind organization, targeted specifically at disruptive technologies with a long and hard road to the market. In today’s world of quick returns on investments on the digital technologies market, funds and organizations that strive to make Tough Tech a reality are much in demand. But apart from providing the necessary long-term funding, The Engine gives Tough Tech companies access to knowledge, specialized equipment and labs at MIT, providing an entire ecosystem to support innovation. The Engine defines itself as an “innovation orchard”, prioritizing breakthrough ideas over early profit.

The Engine is also a community, composed of founders of companies that belong to the “orchard”. Apart from own funding, the Network provides links to other forms of capital. The focus is on the early “proof of product” stage and on the scale up to commercial production. Anyone who shares the same vision and has access to research resources can share their space, equipment, or other resources with The Engine. A major operating partner for the Network is LabCentral, offering Bio, Chem, and Maker labs designed for shared small company use.

Needless to say, young entrepreneurs in Tough Tech need resources that are not just material, such as expert guidance. A typical company in The Engine Program will have access to founder dinners (mingling with other founders), distinguished leader speaker series, educational sessions, in-house experts, and office space.

Graphenea will join as an active member of The Engine. We will join a host of 40 other companies in advising, supporting and collaborating with The Engine Network internal members, hoping that our advice will play an essential role in bringing world-changing Tough Tech to the market.