Graphenea reduces prices of graphene products for another year in a row

As it does at the beginning of each year, Graphenea announces another significant price reduction this year as well. The price of CVD films has dropped 15% on average this January, and the price of graphene oxide (GO) is being reduced by 30% on average.

CVD films are being offered on copper substrates that they are grown on, in sizes ranging from 10x10 mm to 4 inch diameter. The same high quality graphene films are also available on SiO2/Si, quartz, PET, suspended on TEM grids and cavities, and on custom substrates as required. For customers wishing to do their own transfer, CVD graphene is also available on polymer films for easy transfer.

GO is available in water dispersions in volumes up to 10 liters and concentrations up to 4mg/mL. The price of GO in solution is now only $18.25 per gram of material. Also, customers can now purchase dry GO powder and make their own dispersions, or get ready-made GO films obtained by filtration of the solutions.

The latest price reduction was made possible by productivity improvements, capacity scale-up, and rising demand, making the company’s materials even more affordable for scientific and industrial customers. CVD graphene growth is now being performed in a larger cleanroom, where a new 8-inch deposition system was installed last year. GO is being produced in volumes up to 1 ton per year in a new industrial scale pilot plant.

Scaling up production, improving the quality of staple products, and limited strategic expansion of the product offering remain key strategies for Graphenea, as the firm participates in the graphene market shift from the lab to consumer products.

Key highlights:

  • Reduced prices
  • New GO plant allows 1 tpa capacity
  • CVD production expanded to new lab and larger system
  • Demand for graphene has risen

About Graphenea:

Graphenea, a leading company in graphene production and a venture backed by Repsol and CDTI, was established in 2010, and has since grown to be one of the world's largest providers of graphene. The company is headquartered at the nanotechnology cluster CIC nanoGune in San Sebastian, Spain and Boston (Cambridge). Graphenea employs 22 people and exports graphene materials to more than 400 customers in 55 countries. The company has focused on constant improvement of graphene quality, becoming a supplier customers can rely on. Graphenea employs a team of skilled laboratory staff who have brought graphene film production techniques to a new level, offering the same high quality films on any substrate. Graphenea produces CVD graphene wafers up to 8 inches (production capacity of 7,000 wafers per annum) and graphene oxide in volumes up to 10 liters per package (production capacity 1 tpa). The company’s processes are protected by 7 patents (6 granted). Graphenea partners with large multinationals to develop custom graphene materials for their applications. Its research agility and ability to keep pace with the progress of graphene science and technology has allowed Graphenea to become the largest graphene supplier in the Graphene Flagship, a ten year project of the European Commission worth a billion euros. The company keeps a close relation with the world's leading scientists, regularly publishing scientific articles of the highest level.


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