Graphenea awarded “Best Graphene Firm” prize

Graphenea has been named “Best Graphene Firm” of 2020 by an international committee of 40 jury members of the international Committee of the conference Graphchina 2020. The Best Graphene Firm Award highlights a graphene producer which provides graphene materials of the best quality and industrial scale production at reasonable pricing. Graphenea has been chosen among several other nominees including Chinese companies.

An award ceremony was held during the conference on October 17th in Shanghai, where Graphenea participated with an acceptation speech video. An award statuette accompanies the award. Graphenea was chosen from more than 5,000 graphene related companies all over the world.

Graphenea was selected for the award by International Graphene Awards (IGA), a three-level body that makes the selection. IGA consists of an IGA committee that organizes the event and establishes selection criteria, a Chair Board that makes nominations, and a Jury Board that casts the votes. The Chair Board was established on June 6th 2020 and consists of 10 renown graphene experts: Yichun Li (CGIA), Simon Xiao (DT NanoTech), Norbert Fabricius (ISC), Stephan Roche (ICN2), Francesco Bonaccorso (IIT), Johan Liu (Chalmers U), Rezal Khairi Ahmad (NanoMalaysia), Dusan Losic (Adelaide U), A.C. Ferrari (Cambridge U), and Xinliang Feng (TU Dresden). The Jury Board consists of 40 graphene experts and entrepreneurs from 12 different countries.

Apart from the best graphene firm award, the IGA gives awards for the best graphene product, industry promotion, industry demonstration and an honorary award.

Graphenea is honored to accept this award and will strive to continue serving our customers in an optimal manner.

The International Graphene Innovation Conference (GRAPCHINA) had been held successfully six times by CGIA (China Graphene Innovation Alliance) between 2014 to 2019. GRAPCHINA attracted more than 400 companies, 3000 people from 30 countries, and over 100 media representatives in 2018. GRAPHCHINA has become one of the largest global conferences about graphene science and industry.

About Graphenea

Graphenea, a technology company founded in 2010, is a world leading graphene producer. The 30 employees of Graphenea work on contributing to the successful development of graphene applications of our customers, in a wide range of sectors and in more than 60 countries across the world. Through research and innovation, Graphenea supports customers with a portfolio consisting of: CVD Graphene films, Graphene Field-Effect-Transistor chips (GFETs), Graphene Foundry Services (GFAB) and Graphene Oxides. Graphenea’s facilities are located in Spain (San Sebastián) and USA (Boston).

In 2013 the company received an investment from Repsol to boost its technological capacity, support its growth as a business and enable it to maintain its international lead within the emerging graphene production sector.

Graphenea is a partner of the Graphene Flagship. With a budget of €1 billion, the Graphene Flagship represents a new form of joint, coordinated research on an unprecedented scale, forming Europe’s biggest ever research initiative.

About Graphchina

2020 International Graphene Innovation Conference (GRAPCHINA 2020) was organized by Innovation Alliance of the Graphene Industry (CGIA) in Shanghai – one of the global centers for finance, innovation, and transportation, on October 16-18 of the year 2020. The venue, Shanghai University is located at No. 99 Shangda Road, BaoShan District, Shanghai, 20444 P.R.China.

GRAPCHINA as an ultimate platform for sharing and exchanging experience and knowledge on graphene, has been successfully held for over five years. It has attracted over 10,000 attendees, 2000 organizations from over 30 countries and zones.

This year, GRAPCHINA 2020 focused on graphene-related frontier technologies, applications, and industrialization, and has as usual invited over 200 experts from 30 countries and zones to share the latest scientific achievements and industrial trends. The committee this time organized an "Oscar Night" for the global graphene academia and industry, to award those eminent people who devote their life to a graphene-related career. Also, “F2F” meetings were held to provide a superb chance for entrepreneurs or product providers to meet with their global customers.