Graphene display project to propel applications

Display components consume the most power in electronic devices such as smartphones. Portable devices usually convert electricity into light to show images and videos, which spends much energy. Alternatively, reflective-type displays in e-book readers consume little power but cannot provide colourful images nor fast frame rates to reproduce videos. Standard technologies cannot meet the requirements for virtual reality (VR) applications: higher resolution displays with smaller pixels that can change their color faster and with less power. Interferometric modulator displays (IMODs) are a technology on the rise for displays that have low power consumption and high performance in bright environments, properties that are well-aligned with the demands of modern portable devices. IMODs made of traditional materials suffer from low frame rates and limited color gamut, which has hindered their use. Graphene interferometric modulator displays (GIMOD) project has the solution.

GIMOD prototypes have shown operation at up to 400 Hz, covering the full visible spectrum with reduced flicker. Demonstrated prototypes have 2500 pixels per inch, equivalent to more than 12K resolution. The current highest ultra-high definition television (UHDTV) resolution in digital television and digital cinematography is 8K. One of the first working prototypes was shown at the Mobile World Congress, a world-leading technology fair.


SCALE Nanotech and Graphenea Semiconductor join forces to develop the innovative GIMOD technology on a commercial scale with a joint project. Graphenea’s high-quality graphene material is integrated into GIMOD prototypes designed with SCALE’s know-how and hands-on R&D skills. The collaboration to develop GIMOD technology is now formalized through a 12-month project through the ATTRACT framework that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme. “Displays in the market are not good enough for a real virtual reality experience”, says Dr. Cartamil-Bueno from SCALE Nanotech, “In GIMOD Project, we will design and manufacture display prototypes that can reach quickly the market. We target the VR market because that is where GIMOD outperforms every other technology“.