Research and development Graphene

Research and development

Graphene represent a rapidly growing, strategic field with considerable economic potential.

Graphenea R&D team missions

Graphenea R&D team missions

Synthesis of Graphene materials

  • Catalyst optimization
  • Process optimization
  • Optimization of production costs
Optimization of production costs

Development of products in the Graphenea product range

  • Continuous improvement of products' properties
  • Optimization of products' integration into customer production processes
  • Adaptation of the range to customers needs

Cooperation and partnership for applications development

In many areas in which Graphene is used, the Graphenea R&D teams largely focus on application and use application methods that are representative of its customers’ practices.

Finally, the Graphenea is establishing a large number of cooperations and partnership ventures with various players from academia and industry involved in Graphene applications.