MultiProjectWafer Runs

Graphenea now offers MultiProjectWafer (MPW) runs. Through its mask-sharing scheme, custom devices in small batches are now available at affordable costs. Sharing the cost of fabrication allows to lower the entry barrier for researchers and companies interested in developing graphene-based technologies. We offer a reduced turnaround time compared to conventional MPW runs of just 3 months

Reduced waiting time with runs in February, May, August and November.

Ideal for batch prototyping and proof-of-concept validation

Min. cm2 per run: 6

PF1 from 990€

PF2 (poly) from 1500€

  1. Your design…
    Graphenea EU
  2. …is assembled together within other designs that share the same process flow…
    Graphenea EU
  3. …and then are manufactured across the wafer
    Graphenea EU