Graphene On Your Substrate

This is our process to ensure if we can transfer Graphene On Your Substrate:

  1. Choose your substrate
    1. If your substrate is already in the list:
      1. Dimensions side x side in mm. (El sistema tiene que calcular el area y comprobara con una lista de precios para dar el precio de ese area)
      2. Number of graphene layers you want to transfer:
        1. Monolayer
        2. Bilayer
        3. Trilayer
  1. Send us your substrate process:
  2. Cleaning instructions (texto explicativo)
  3. Send us your substrate to: Our address
  1. The lead time is 2 to 3 weeks since we received your substrates
  1. If your substrate is not in the list
    1. Complete the questionnaire
    2. We will contact you once we check your answers and we will inform you if it is possible or not to do the transference and the steps to take