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Graphenea GFAB Services


GFETs utilizing Graphenea´s high-quality graphene
Custom designs available on request
Devices are ready for your novel functionalization
Perfect platform device for new sensor R&D
36 individual GFETs per chip


A big step for a company, a giant leap for an industry

Graphene device research icon

Graphene device research

Graphenea delivers state-of-the-art graphene devices directly to the researcher to allow application-driven research without the added burden of having to fabricate high-quality graphene FETs

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Due to its unique structure and amazing physicochemical properties including high chemical inertness, large specific surface area, high electric conductivity, and biocompatibility graphene has a great potential in Bioelectronic applications.

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Graphene's unique optoelectronic properties are promising to realize photodetectors with ultrafast photoresponse over a wide spectral range from far-infrared to ultraviolet radiation.

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Chemical sensors

Many applications require the ability to detect chemicals in the air or in water and with increasing sensitivity demands. Graphene chemical sensors have demonstrated the detection of single molecule adsorption events – it doesn’t get more sensitive than that!

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Magnetic sensors

The areas of application cover many fields, such as automotive, consumer electronics, healthcare and defense industry, where magnetic field sensors are used for position detection, current monitoring and angular sensing

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Graphene Biosensors are capable to provide a fusion of biology and electronics that fundamentally transforms biological testing capabilities, size and speed.


The GFET-S10 chip from Graphenea provides 36 graphene devices distributed in a grid pattern on the chip. Thirty devices have a Hall-bar geometry and six have a 2-probe geometry. The Hall-bar devices can be used for Hall-bar measurements as well as 4-probe and 2-probe devices. There are varying graphene channel dimensions to allow investigation of geometry dependence on device properties.

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The GFET-S20 chip from Graphenea provides 36 graphene devices distributed in four quadrants with the devices in the centre of the chip and the probe pads located near the periphery of the chip. All devices are of a 2-probe device geometry. The devices are arranged in GFET-S20 to allow the application of a liquid drop on top of the graphene devices without covering the pads to either conduct a measurement in a liquid environment or to functionalize the devices using a liquid medium.

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GFAB - Custom Designs

Graphenea offers Graphene Foundry Services on custom wafers up to 6'' with customized design. This enables fast device prototyping and accelerates the development towards your application.

GFET 01 photo


Chip dimensions:

10 mm x 10 mm

Number of GFETs per chip:


Gate oxide material:


Gate oxide thickness:

90 nm

Graphene field-effect mobility:

>1000 cm²/V.s

Residual charge-carrier density:

<2 x 1012 cm-2

Minimum working devices:


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